Working closely with the stakeholders, AQSM analyses and defines the facility's concept, operational & technical requirements and investment projections. In addition, complete project management with comprehensive reporting and scheduling of major milestones are carefully planned.

Design & Layout Analysis

  • Create an ambience for sports and recreation
  • Plan efficient and smooth layout
  • Identify and advise on safety norms
  • Liaise with contractors and other consultants

Business Plans & Proposals

  • Market and Competitor Analysis
  • Feasibility studies & Financial Forecasts
  • Technical & Commercial Proposals

Launching Campaigns

  • Pre-launch activities
  • Sale of memberships
  • Advertising & Promoting Campaigns

Professional Recruitment

  • Advertising and headhunting for skilled personnel
  • International and local recruitment activities
  • Interview process (Technical and practical)
  • Public Relations
  • Training & Orientation

Contracts & Licensing

  • Advise on commercial terms for sub-contractor service contracts
  • Liaise with Government Institutes to obtain required licenses to operate
  • Advise and obtain specialized Insurance policies

Procurement & It Services

  • Design and float RFP for FF&E items
  • Supplier analysis and ratings
  • Comparisons and Negotiations
  • Order, handling, delivery and installations
  • Documentations

Testing & Commissioning

  • Coordinate with building contractors
  • Conduct and document safety checks
  • Facility takeover and handover procedure