Project Consultancy

Manpower & Management Service

  • General Headquarters (GHQ)

  • The GHQ has been a longstanding client of the AQSM since 2002. The AQSM operates over 30 sports facilities for the GHQ in all Emirates and cities.

  • National Services

  • The GHQ is supplied with highly skilled professional level 131 numbers of trainers dedicated to the major facilities of the GHQ.

  • Abu Dhabi Education Council (adec)

  • The AQSM has since 2015 has entered into a contract with the ADEC to provide 72 male and female swimming instructors to 36 schools located in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Gharbia regions.

  • Critical Infrastructure & Coastal Protection Authority (cicpa)

  • The CICPA has been obtaining the services from the AQSM for the manpower supply during the past 5 years. The AQSM as part of its contract provides

Civil & Interior Decor

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